Welcome, Columbus!

By Mallory Bartz on 07 04 2015

Every software company in the world dreams of a day when a team of talented, like-minded developers knocks on their door and asks to work for them. We all know how hard it can be to find even one senior-level candidate, nevermind one that shares your company goals and desires, so the idea of six or seven showing up on your stoop is pretty dang exciting. Well, we're here to let you know, firsthand, that dreams can become reality. Mutually Human is extremely pleased to introduce our new Columbus, Ohio team: Gina Winkler, Mike Doel, Alex Burkhart, Jerry Nümmi, Chris Westra, Sara Gibbons, and Aaron Christy.

They say "like attracts like" and when conversations began between this talented group of Ohio developers and Mutually Human we were delighted and heartened to find so many points of connection. Our Columbus Humans are just like our Grand Rapids Humans: they really like what they do for a living, they want to speak at conferences, make new friends, eat lunch together, laugh, have important conversations with coworkers and clients, and solve interesting problems. They also want to raise their kids, take beautiful pictures, climb rocks, fly around the world, and fulfill their outside-of-work dreams too.

Everyone is fiercely intelligent and funny in their own way, bringing unique expertise and strong perspectives with them. Day one and we were already barefoot-brainstorming, comparing local cuisines (Cincinnati Chili vs. Crack Fries), and listing our top five favorite movies. When something is right it feels easy and this joining of minds has unfolded both quickly and naturally. During their first visit to Grand Rapids, and our first dinner out at Founders, Alex made a pretty perfect observation, "After reading your site and meeting with Mark and Samuel, I felt like I'd already been working here for years. The culture here feels so much like the one we created in Columbus. It just makes sense to me."

We've been happy with our small but strong team here at MH for some time now, always on the lookout for talent but never hiring just to hire. The wait was well worth it. Building really good software is paramount, and while it feels fantastic to find like-minded humans, one of the greatest gifts the Columbus contingent brings is their unique set of talents and dedication to craft. Whether it's Rust, Ember, Product Development, or photography, this group provides incredible value on so many levels and opens up numerous opportunities for us in Columbus and beyond.

We've got the goods and now we've got the numbers. In short, we are overjoyed.

*photo credit: Mike Doel