Ember Module Unification

That of dividing things again by classes, where the natural joints are, and not trying to break any part after the manner of a bad carver. -- Plato, [..]

Sam Bleckley

Importing data and handling conflicts in Ruby on Rails applications

The other week we took a look at importing data quickly into Ruby on Rails applications and saw how activerecord-import can speed up importing large sets[..]

Zach Dennis

Importing data quickly in Ruby on Rails applications

Application frameworks often provide their own out of the box services for interacting with databases. This works great when processing data in a[..]

Zach Dennis

From Blocking REPLs to Non-blocking REPLs

Writing an interactive command line tool using non-blocking IO opens doors that tools using blocking IO can only dream of. Your program no longer has to[..]

Zach Dennis

Tips for Novice Developers (and why you should become a rubyist)

Work Locally

Working locally means that you have an instance of your web app running on your machine. You edit files directly on your machine, rather than[..]

Ross Hunter

Speeding Things Up With jRuby

If you hang around the Ruby community for long enough, you'll undoubtly hear talk about the the dreaded Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). The GIL is a[..]

Jack Slingerland

A casual look at upcoming changes in Ruby 1.9.3

With Ruby 1.9.3 nearing here's a casual look at some of the upcoming changes in 1.9.3rc1.

Zach Dennis

Scout App 0.5.0 Released

Zach Dennis

Somebody Set Us Up the BOM

Last week I was working on localizations for a Ruby on Rails project. Rails provides a simple way to add internationalization to your project. But what[..]

Chris Rittersdorf

The RSpec Book Gets Reviewed

I was happy to see on the twitter-sphere that The RSpec Book was reviewed over on Ruby Inside by Peter Cooper. If you didn’t know, I was one of the[..]

Zach Dennis

Class Coercion in Ruby

I often run into situations where I'm working with something that's essentially a number, but I want it to behave just a little differently. For example,[..]

Zach Church