Let's Get Technical III: Design as the Conscience of the World

At Midwest UX in 2013, I was standing in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meyer May House in Grand Rapids when the docent guiding my group remarked that Wright was[..]

Jonah Bailey

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Welcome Matt!

Matt Mercieca vividly remembers the 6" monochrome green screen on his family's first Sanyo Luggable and the time he spent messing with the Basic and[..]

Mallory Bartz

What We Talk About When We Talk About Math

Math makes many people anxious, bored, and unhappy -- but even for the math-averse, it has a morbid fascination. For the math-philic, it's as ever-present[..]

Mallory Bartz

What's A Director of Happiness Anyway?

What's A Director of Happiness?

I was recently promoted to Director of Happiness here at Mutually Human and I'm sure, like everyone else I've spoken with[..]

Mallory Bartz

Welcome, Columbus!

Every software company in the world dreams of a day when a team of talented, like-minded developers knocks on their door and asks to work for them. We all[..]

Mallory Bartz

Dig Deep: All The Good Stuff Is At the Bottom

Is anyone else constantly in fear or is it just me? Based on the incessant phone-checking I see and most people's inability to sit still or make proper[..]

Mallory Bartz

Welcome John, Stella, and Sydney!

John Muyskens, Design Apprentice:

A creator from the start, John spent his wonder years making spy movies, radio shows, and homemade audiobooks with his[..]

Mallory Bartz

Cult of Personality in Tech

I want to start with something simple: I've worked in places where I was unhappy, unproductive, and afraid -- and all the while, I thought I wanted to[..]

Mallory Bartz

Welcome AJ!

Most people who have seen Fight Club walk away from the film feeling slightly invigorated, somewhat disgusted, and hugely confused, but they almost always[..]

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