Welcome, EJ!

By Grace Eyre on 12 02 2013

As a student of Computer Science at Calvin College, E.J. was enterprising from the start. He first took a summer internship as a systems administrator with Michigan State University, then followed it up with two more summer internships at Microsoft. The extra work experience paid off, as E.J. was snapped up by Microsoft right after graduation. He relocated to Washington and wasted no time as a Program Manager for several feature teams, improving products like Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365. His development and management skills have contributed significantly to software with millions of users.

He then moved to Palo Alto for Science Exchange, a smaller company with an innovative approach to helping scientists connect and share their research. While at Science Exchange, E.J. and his wife learned they were expecting, and so decided to return to Grand Rapids to be closer to family.

Here at Mutually Human, we’re excited to have E.J. joining the team. His well-honed skills in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 and Objective-C (just to name a few!) will build on the high standards of quality craftsmanship that we already have in place for our software.

In his free time, E.J. loves to travel and take photos. As a self-professed “airplane geek”, he is also one of the few people who loves to fly! He also enjoys Michigan State basketball and relaxing with his wife while marathoning their favorite TV shows.