Human Cartoons Episode 3

By Victor Sirotek on 05 06 2012

HC Episode 3

I think I've found a sustainable rhythm that I can follow and get this thing out at least once a week like clockwork. It will be black and white and the focus will be on slice of life storytelling. Nice, simple and consistent. Like Mark's eating habits, having a nice regular schedule for the things that we do is important.

Working on the comic has really super-charged my desire to make things. I have always been making things. I also have a long history of not finishing things. Getting this out frequently helps keep the momentum going. It also floods into other areas on my life. Writing and drawing comics isn't as easy as you might think. I am still learning each and every day. Knowing what to show and not show is a big challenge. That balancing act is what can help create a great experience for the viewer/user.

When I am designing an interactive experience, the balancing act is exactly the same. How little can I get away with showing and still have the whole thing keep standing. Sometimes you just have to pull out the wrong support beam to see it all come falling down.

More thoughts next week!