Welcome Jeremy!

By Grace Eyre on 15 05 2012

Our Newest Human

Though his role as a full-time developer is freshly pressed, Jeremy is no stranger to Mutually Human. He's been working with us since last fall, while living in Grand Rapids. A few months ago, Jeremy packed up and headed to Wisconsin, but he continued to work remotely and strengthen his relationship with the company.

Jeremy Rowe

Jeremy has proven that, with the right person and the right dynamic, developing off-site can be both harmonious and effective. That's why he's become our first full-time remote employee, holding down the fort in Appleton, WI. And of course, he's not so far away that he can't drop in once in a while!

Jeremy brings an advanced skill-set and wide range of experience to the table. He has worked in everything from web and mobile development, to enterprise and iOS development, and with a variety of tools, like Ruby on Rails, JS, Java and Objective-C.

Best of all, he's smart, friendly, and accessible, so he fits right in!

If you have any questions for or about our newest Human, get in touch through email (humans at mutuallyhuman.com) or send us a Tweet at @mutuallyhuman. You can also follow Jeremy on Twitter at @jeremy_w_rowe.