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By Grace Eyre on 10 05 2012

Over the years, we’ve really come into our own as a company. With the right people, the right space, and the right practices, Mutually Human has built a culture we can all be proud of. We set out to create a new site that accurately reflected that.

With a new design, lots of good content, and a focus on the strengths of human craftsmanship, we think we reached our goal. We’ll be gradually building out more content from here.

What follows is a brief introduction to the new structure, purpose, and features of Take a look!


One of our express goals in creating this new site was to link content together in a way that encouraged exploration. Our blog posts, mission statements, and case studies are now all cross-linked through topics. If you visit our glossary, you can see a list of existing topics. Each topic comes with our internal definition and a sidebar that lists all related pages.

Visit almost any page in the site, and you’ll find footers and sidebars with relevant information, whether it’s authors, blog posts, or case studies. In addition, relevant terms are frequently linked in the body of the text.

The software industry can often be difficult to understand, especially when terms and theories are constantly evolving. The purpose of the glossary is not only to create a framework for organizing and connecting our content, but also to provide a friendly way for others to understand what we do and how we work.


Three pages: Approach, Process, and Services, are featured on the Home page and the Work page. These pages are largely for people who need an introduction to Mutually Human. We have a specific philosophy and believe deeply in the power of human craftsmanship. These pages walk you through why we do what we do (Approach), how we do it (Process), and what we do (Services).

If you’d like to see these values in action, just give us a call or check out our case studies. Our work and our relationships with current and former clients puts substance behind these words.

Our Work and Ourselves

If you want to see the faces and personalities behind Mutually Human, the Team page is worth a look. With beautiful photography, a recap of our history and experience, a few personal details and a direct quote, the profile pages do a solid job of introducing each Human.

As always, relevant content such as authored blog posts and topics of expertise are linked on the side.

To see our past projects, check out the Work page. We currently feature three case studies from engagements that were particularly interesting and rewarding, and we plan on adding more. Each case study features a brief explanation of the needs and challenges we addressed. In some cases, a video is included.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoy the new site. Please feel free to tell us what you think, whether through Twitter, Facebook, or our contact page.

We look forward to speaking with you!


The Mutually Human Team