Mutually Human is Hiring!

By Grace Eyre on 21 02 2012

Seeking: Software Craftsperson

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Mutually Human

Our work is challenging and diverse and we are passionate about doing it well. We work for a variety of clients in different industries and business stages, from small startups to large corporations on both web and mobile projects. We even take time out to work on our own products.

At Mutually Human we like to spend time together. We love building great software products for our clients and then getting together after work to go bowling or grab a drink. We've found that our work is more rewarding when we work with people we enjoy.

There are plenty of benefits of joining our group of humans.

A Casual, Fun Environment
Challenging, Rewarding Work with Creative Decision-Making
Flexibility for Work/Life Balance
Work with Other Talented and Thoughtful People
Yearly Conference Opportunities
Competitive Salary and Benefits

Our Shared Responsibility

Everyone at Mutually Human shares in the responsibility of building great software so we also share the same title, Software Craftsman. Some of our craftsmen are more skilled in design, others in development, but no matter their background we look for people who want to learn from one another. We value people with curiosity for every aspect of software, and a mind that's open to learning how these parts fit together. Our strength as a company comes, in part, from shared knowledge and open exchange.

If you're smart, humble, disciplined, respectful, and like to have fun, you'll fit right in at Mutually Human.

A Few More Details on How We Work

Agile Project Management
Company Retrospectives
Open Layout
Process Influenced by XP, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, and a Few of Our Own Philosophies
Practical Pairing
Multidisciplinary/Cross Functional Approach
Continuous Learning


We believe in practical adherence to established Agile Methodologies, which include principles such as iterative development, adaptive planning, and a flexibility when responding to change.

Rather than adhere dogmatically to any one theory, however, we practically apply our knowledge to every individual case and client. It matters less that we call ourselves "Agile" and more that we produce beautiful, effective software, and build meaningful relationships with our clients.

Above all, we consider these principles to be most important:

Regular, open communication with our clients and with ourselves.
Honesty in setting goals and expectations.
Empathy for all stakeholders and participants, including the end user.
High standards for craftsmanship, having pride in everything we create, every time.

Among other things, we cultivate these ideals through regular client and internal retrospectives, daily standups, and an open, studio-style layout.


Members of the Mutually Human team care deeply not only about what they do, but also about how they do it. To them, designing and building software requires many skills and tasks, but is part of a larger, comprehensive craft. They are continually learning and immersing themselves in the community through participatory events like conferences, learning lunches, and user groups.

Each team member takes a proactive approach to their professional growth, not only by taking on challenging projects, conferences, and dedicated learning, but also by educating themselves on their own time. Many members of Mutually Human have developed their own products as side projects.

Pairing is an important and common practice at Mutually Human. Practical pairing can keep the project on track, spread knowledge, and resolve issues faster than a programmer could when working alone. When pairing is appropriate, it can deliver great value to our clients in terms of quality and timeliness.

We also believe in rigour and regular testing. In fact, our own Zach Dennis helped write the book on RSpec, the de facto Ruby BDD framework.


At Mutually Human we do our best to encourage and teach each other from our own experience. As we continue to broaden our understanding, we also recognize and respect the time each person has spent developing their specific skill-set. Most of our craftsmen fall loosely into two skill categories: design or development.

Development — We are currently looking for humans with an established background in mobile and web application development.

Design — We are not currently looking for humans with an established background in design but feel free to apply and we will keep your information on file.

How to Apply

Explain a project you've completed recently. Describe what went well, what went wrong and what you would do differently. Compose a thoughtful response in no less than one page. And yes, spelling, grammar, and punctuation most definitely count.

Email the following to humans at

Your contact info
Your resume including links to your work (ie. github)
Your response to the prompt above

You'll hear a response soon after you contact us. If we are delighted, intrigued, or otherwise impressed with your submissions, we'll go from there. Please note that we may at that time ask for additional information like references as part of our selection process.