Announcement: More Features, Easier Customization with Syncr

By Grace Eyre on 16 02 2012

Syncr subscribers can now take advantage of two major improvements: more options for customizing your sync and an easier way to go about it.

One Page

Visit the settings tab on your Syncr Dashboard and you'll notice a new and simple workflow, which can guide you through the process of customizing your service. Where there had previously been separate pages for "Account", "Harvest", and "Quickbooks", we've now consolidated your Syncr settings into a single page.

Drop Down Menus

Once you've entered your credentials and connected with Quickbooks Online, you'll notice a quick dropdown menu that allows you to select which Quickbooks Account you want to sync. A similar dropdown menu appears for Timesheets and Tasks when syncing with Harvest. These easy dropdown menus save you the time and trouble of entering your data manually, and reduces the chances of error through incorrect entry.

Easy Categories

Prior to this update, the only real option for customizing your Syncr service was whether you preferred to sync manual or automatic.

Now there are far more options for customizing invoices and payments, according to the needs of your business. The settings page is divided into three major categories, which may be turned on or off with a simple toggle button. Activating a category will enable custom options, while leaving a section inactive will retain the default settings.

Custom Invoice Syncing

Previously, Syncr would automatically exclude invoice drafts from being synced with Quickbooks. We understand that sometimes, managing business accounts means being able to calculate future income. Simply enable this feature under the "Invoice, Categories and Payments" category to include invoice drafts with your future syncs.

Custom Tasks and Timesheets Syncing

Now it's possible to opt out of syncing tasks and timesheets from Harvest to Quickbooks Online.

Many businesses would rather enter payroll information manually, or not at all, instead of cluttering up Quickbooks Online with specific timesheets and tasks. We created an option for excluding this data during a sync.

In addition, subscribers now have the option to choose a time frame for syncing timesheets.

Previously, timesheets automatically synced data from a fixed number of days. Now, with a simple drop-down menu, syncs can include timesheets from the past 7, 14, or 28 days.

You Spoke, We Listened

We've been working hard to create a better Syncr. These features were added after feedback from subscribers, as well as internal testing.

Every business is different. With new features and easier customization, Syncr is the service that understands how you use it.

Let us know what you think of the updates by contacting or tweeting us at @syncrhq.