Ember Module Unification

That of dividing things again by classes, where the natural joints are, and not trying to break any part after the manner of a bad carver. -- Plato, [..]

Sam Bleckley

Syncr Evolution: Interface updates.

We Listened to Feedback

When we release a product, we rely heavily on user feedback to determine what's working and what isn't. We take what we learn and[..]

Victor Sirotek

Day 3 From Interaction, Dublin

[Editor's Note: Victor is drafting these daily recaps from the notes he took at the Interaction Design Conference in Dublin earlier this month. Soon,[..]

Victor Sirotek

Announcement: More Features, Easier Customization with Syncr

Syncr subscribers can now take advantage of two major improvements: more options for customizing your sync and an easier way to go about it.

Grace Eyre

Day 2 From Interaction, Dublin

[Editor's Note: This post provides several basic touchpoints for larger topics in the ongoing conversation of UX and Design. Where possible, I've provided[..]

Victor Sirotek

Greetings from Interaction, Dublin!

Read more about Interaction, Dublin and the Interaction Design Association.

Victor Sirotek

To Find Your Audience, Think Like a Scientist

Customer Development

Grace Eyre

GRWebDev Presentations - UX: Making Web Sites People Want to Use

For those of you who missed GRWebDev last week:

Grace Eyre

Don't Settle for Grandma's User Experience!

Something to Consider

Sungy Yi

In Response To The World Runs On Bad Software

I have often felt the same way Brandon does in his post, The world runs on bad software, although I've come to believe that the frustration he is[..]

Zach Dennis

Reflecting on Lane Halley talk at XPWM

Software development is a journey. No two paths are the same, and the journeys we each take rarely stay on the course we thought they would. Last night I[..]

Craig Demyanovich