Ember Module Unification

That of dividing things again by classes, where the natural joints are, and not trying to break any part after the manner of a bad carver. -- Plato, [..]

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Index Your Foreign Keys

We add indexes to our database in order to speed up read operations. Basically, an index is a sorted copy of a particular set of columns the database uses[..]

Ross Hunter

ActiveRecord Associations and You

I love abstraction. It's great to compartmentalize complexity and keep your application modular. SQL is not that. Relying on SQL strings in your code ties[..]

Ross Hunter

(Over)simplify Your Code

One of my eureka moments as a developer came when my programming pair suggested I separate some very simple math in the body of a method into another[..]

Ross Hunter

Math Is Not Necessary for Software Development

Sometimes, I tweet. When I tweet, sometimes people agree with me. One such occasion happened recently when I said this.

Ross Hunter

Open + Download Native Apps with a PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

Are you working on a PhoneGap/Cordova app that needs to be able to communicate with other native applications? You may want to get the demo code, give it[..]

Ross Hunter

Tips for Novice Developers (and why you should become a rubyist)

Work Locally

Working locally means that you have an instance of your web app running on your machine. You edit files directly on your machine, rather than[..]

Ross Hunter

Better Rails Debugging with better_errors and jazz_hands

Better Errors

Does this screen look familiar? Do you notice anything wrong with this picture?

Ross Hunter

Configuring Sublime Text 2

I have been a (relatively) long time Sublime Text 2 user. Early 2011, I was running Ubuntu on my laptop and wasn't happy with any text editors I was[..]

Ross Hunter