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That of dividing things again by classes, where the natural joints are, and not trying to break any part after the manner of a bad carver. -- Plato, [..]

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Our Five Year Anniversary Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out Friday night for our Five Year Anniversary Party!

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The Five Year Story of Mutually Human

We're pretty excited about celebrating our five year anniversary this month. Mutually Human started small, with one full time Human working remotely. From[..]

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Announcement: More Features, Easier Customization with Syncr

Syncr subscribers can now take advantage of two major improvements: more options for customizing your sync and an easier way to go about it.

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A Look Back at Give Camp, Grand Rapids, 2011

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the season of giving, we'd like to take a look back at a wonderful volunteer event that took place in October. Along with[..]

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Mutually Human's Custom Software, Syncr, is Now a Billed Service

An Important Announcement

Here at Mutually Human, we are excited to announce a new phase of Syncr, our custom application for syncing data between Harvest[..]

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"Design Thinking" and Innovation: Part 2/2

The Knowledge Funnel

In his Design Thinking lecture, Martin discussed what he calls The Knowledge Funnel. According to him, the advancement of knowledge[..]

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"Design Thinking" and Innovation: Part 1/2

Roger Martin and Design Thinking

Earlier this month, the Mutually Human team took a field trip to the JW Marriott for Roger Martin's talk on Design[..]

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CEO John Hwang to Leave Mutually Human

After five years of leadership in the company, John Hwang, Co-Founder and CEO, is moving on from Mutually Human.

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To Find Your Audience, Think Like a Scientist

Customer Development

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GRWebDev Presentations - UX: Making Web Sites People Want to Use

For those of you who missed GRWebDev last week:

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