In Response To The World Runs On Bad Software

I have often felt the same way Brandon does in his post, The world runs on bad software, although I've come to believe that the frustration he is[..]

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Internal Expectations

In the previous two posts, I've focused on how you can build a better product by channeling your natural ability to empathize with other people. For the[..]

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The Case for Immersion

In the previous article “Looking Closer at Empathy” I outlined the differences between Sympathy and Empathy and how they impact product design, something[..]

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Looking Closer at Empathy

Empathy in Product Development

As a software developer who loves to create products for people, I think about my audience a lot. Over time my work has[..]

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Web Sockets

Building applications for the web means working within the bounds of what is technically feasible over the Internet. For a long time the limitations of[..]

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