In Response To The World Runs On Bad Software

I have often felt the same way Brandon does in his post, The world runs on bad software, although I've come to believe that the frustration he is[..]

Zach Dennis

Mark Van Holstyn

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Come see CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap with us!

We have far too few women in computer science. We know why we need more women. We know that too few are pursuing computer science in school. And we know[..]

Mark Van Holstyn

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?

Apple announced two new iPhone models last week, and I've been struggling to decide which one I would prefer to carry around with me for the next two[..]

Mark Van Holstyn

Writing on the Wall: Custom Whiteboards for Your Office

Back in September we outfitted out or office with walls full of long-awaited whiteboards. Whiteboards are great for brainstorming, and they make it easier[..]

Mark Van Holstyn