In Response To The World Runs On Bad Software

I have often felt the same way Brandon does in his post, The world runs on bad software, although I've come to believe that the frustration he is[..]

Zach Dennis

Come see CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap with us!

We have far too few women in computer science. We know why we need more women. We know that too few are pursuing computer science in school. And we know[..]

Mark Van Holstyn

Importing data and handling conflicts in Ruby on Rails applications

The other week we took a look at importing data quickly into Ruby on Rails applications and saw how activerecord-import can speed up importing large sets[..]

Zach Dennis

An Ember Debugging Flowchart

My standard workflow for debugging

I'll admit that I have a lot of experience with things not going well in Ember. Over time I've started to get a general[..]

Chris Westra

5 Modes of UX Design

At Mutually Human, our UX design process includes time spent in the following modes:

Lori Mackson

Summer of Ember - Debugging Ember

Debugging Ember

Ember has a powerful developer toolset. Often a console.log or debugger statement are enough to get by, but Ember's tools allow for a rich[..]

Matt Mercieca

Things to consider when adding websocket updates to Ember apps

It sounds innocuous: "...and if another user edits that thing, we'd like for other users who are looking at the same thing to see that update without[..]

Chris Westra

Ember Module Unification

That of dividing things again by classes, where the natural joints are, and not trying to break any part after the manner of a bad carver. -- Plato, [..]

Sam Bleckley

Summer of Ember - Always Call this._super()

I learned this the hard way.

Matt Mercieca

Importing data quickly in Ruby on Rails applications

Application frameworks often provide their own out of the box services for interacting with databases. This works great when processing data in a[..]

Zach Dennis

In Praise of Scaffolds

You're probably familiar with ThoughtBot's Bourbon css suite. We at Mutually Human like it a great deal.

Sam Bleckley